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About Us

Who We Are

Outside of designing and running escape rooms we are a talented and dedicated team with experience ranging from haunted attractions to producing nationally released music and everything in-between. 

What We've Done

Our game designs and puzzle re-flows have generated over 1000 "Five Star" reviews on Facebook, Google, etc in 1 YEAR. With us you get more than just a room design, you get an experience. 

Where We're Going

We seek to redefine what an escape room experience is though innovative and unique design. We wish to work with the escape room industry to grow and maintain this excellent form of entertainment. We do everything from design packages and consultation to amazing races and business development. 

Room Designs and Services

Escape Room Design Packages

We offer complete and easy to follow game design packages that will give you everything you need to get the room up and running. From item lists to game flow and install directions you are getting a complete step by game you install into your facility.

Consultation Services

Whether you're looking to open an experience or are already open we can help. We can give you the tools to successfully open and run your attraction   or to help bring your existing experience to a new level. 

Custom Game Design

If the packages we offer are not what you are looking for we would love to design a custom game design to fit your vision. We will work with you to take your idea and transform it into a top notch experience. Everything from story and aesthetics to advertising and alternative puzzles is covered, we leave no stone unturned.

External Game Design/Consultation

We believe you shouldn't stop with just an escape room experience at your facility, you should bring it outside. Amazing races, scavenger hunts, mega games and more can keep people coming back to play over and over again. We can help to get you started with your very own external experience.

Corporate Business Growth

A large part of our industry is corporate team building exercises. Not maximizing your efforts to capitalize on corporate team building events will hurt you in the long run. We will help you to evaluate your market and see what else can be done to make your attraction the market leader. We will also show you techniques that will help to maintain current relationships and develop new ones. 

Escape In A Box

Portable escape game that can be set up and run virtually anywhere. Includes all necessary locks and hardware, access to files and our digital game library.  escape style games at home, in the office or at a park. 



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